Before you jump into a project, make sure you have all the facts or you could be dealing with fading, popping, chipping, or worse. Ask us about the many advantages of staining brick vs painting brick.

While hiring the right person for brick staining can be a delight as you watch the transformation happen before your eyes, hiring the wrong person or trying brick staining yourself could end up catastrophic. Often times, there isn’t a second chance.

Colorado Brick Staining creates any select finish by creating a natural looking brick or stone appearance using specialty stains and proven systems. We use specialty amorphic stains and systems to recreate each brick or stone and give it the custom look you want.

Each brick or stone is different when you look at a houses exterior or fireplace. For that reason and others, we use different systems and processes for each brick staining project. Our proprietary systems, knowledge in the art, and proven brick staining and stone staining experience is what makes Colorado Brick Staining the right choice. It is also the reason you wont see blemishes or imperfections while driving by or walking up to your home.

Our brick staining process is clean, there are no harmful chemicals, and no odor.



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